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Update 22/10/07
Update 02/08/05


These pages are for all fans F1 and mainly for collectors of autographs /AGs/, signed photos. I would like to thank  people, which help or helped to me, when I lived  after the iron curtain /1958 -1989/.
First is Gottfried Sagstetter from former West Germany. He was first, which helped me with my /special red problem/collector problem /contact with other collectors, addresses of team and drivers, results from races and many more/. Next is David Hayhoe from Grand Prix Contact Club dh1[X] Stella and Lynn from JJ Lehto Supporter Club from England, and many more.

You can see my 306 drivers which drove or drive in F1 Championship since 1970 up to now. Here are 700, mainly signed photos and cards from my collection. Please, if you see any mistake, let me know. All photos in my Gallery of photos are from Forix, Motor Racing Retro and F1 Rejects only a few are from my collection. I look for collectors and fans from all world.
All helmets are from Mr.Carlos Yamazato: cyamazato[X] and Mr.Arron Wood: arrown[X] Scanned signs are taken from Forix and me.


Chosen Charity of The Wheatcroft Family - Hope Against Cancer
In memory of: Tom Wheatcroft

New AG /27.11.03/: N. Kiesa
Updated /05.12.03/ a few wrong addresses
New AGs /14.04.04/: B. Hayje, I would like to thanks to Joris Meuffels from Holland and C. Klien
New AG /21.03.05/: G. Pantano
New AG /06.04.05/: C. Albers
New AG /18.04.05/: T. Glock
New AG /23.04.05/: V. Liuzzi
New AG /02.05.05/: N. Karthikeyan
New update of books and cards from my friend Danny: Danny
Updated AG /16.05.05/: A. Davidson
New AG /03.05.05/: P. Friesacher
Updated AG /14.05.05/: E. Tuero
Updated AG /15.05.05/: P. Friesacher
New AG /23.07.05/: R. Doornbos
Updated AG /09.08.05/: S. Sarazin, G. Tarquini, J-D. Deletraz
New AG /11.08.05/: G. Bruni
New AGs /01.09.05/: T. Monteiro, Z. Baumgartner
Updated AG /12.09.05/: S. Stohr
Updated AG /06.03.06/: A. Yoong
New AGs /11.03.06/: S. Speed, N. Rosberg
New AG /11.05.06/: Y. Ide
New AG /29.07.06/: F. Montagny
New AG /17.08.06/: R. Kubica
New : the virtual tuning from my son Michal

New AG /21.03.07/: L. Hamilton, A. Sutil, H. Kovalainen

Updated AG /14.05.07/: V. Brambilla, L. Hamilton
New AG /15.10.06/: Markus Winkelhock
Updated AG /16.10.07/: E. Keizan
Big update of photos in Bio Purley
Update AGs /04.11.07/: S. Speed, T. Glock
Update AGs /20.12.07/: C. Albers, T. Monteiro
New AG /21.12.06/: R. Firman

Update AGs /01.01.08/: G. Bruni

New AGs /23.11.08/: S. Vettel, N. Piquet and S. Bourdais

Update AG /02.02.09/: R. Zunino

Update AG /03.05.10/: P. de Klerk- latest news

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