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Update 20/01/06
Update 02/08/05

From Slovakia

New AGsG. Mazzacane and A. Yoong
Updated /02.02.02/AGs of: A.Caffi and D.Daly
New AGs /24.02.02/: A.McNish and F.Massa
Updated /10.03.02/ a few wrong addresses
New AG /23.03.02/ : M. Webber
Updated /23.03.02/AG of: N. Heidfeld

New AGs /23.04.02/: T. Sato and T. Enge

New AG /24.06.02/ : T. Sato
Updated /10.07.02/AGs of: D. Morgan and K. Raikkonen
Updated /23.07.02/AGs of: M. Gene and T .Enge
New Paper-card models of cars F1 :
Updated /31.07.02/ a few wrong addresses
New : Jim Crawford is died in 6th Aug. 02
Updated /09.09.02/ AG of: JL. Schlesser
Updated /11.09.02/ a few wrong addresses
Updated/23.09.02/ AG of: G. Mazzacane you can see the different signature from 1997 and now
NEW offer books, videos, programs my friend Danny from Belgium SUPER !!!!!
Updated /24.09.02/ AG of: T. Enge
New AG /28.03.02/ : R. Paletti /01.10.02/updates photos in the Gallery
Updated /10.10.02/AGs of: G. Amati and E. Comas
Updated /21.10.02/AGs of: M. Webber and now make Read/sign book
NEW offer books GRAND PRIX WORLD BOOK SERVICE. For all current new motor racing books from England featuring F1, Le Mans, American Racing and others, please contact the GRAND PRIX WORLD Book Service dh1[X]
Updated /22.12.02/ a few wrong addresses
New /22.12.02/ a few AGs from Dutch collector in AGs for exchange

New AGs /13.03.03/: C. Da Matta, A. Pizzonia and J. Wilson

Updated /29.04.03/ a few wrong addresses
May be, you look for anybody /21.05.03/ Where are they now? /about former and actual drivers/
New AG /26.05.03/ : A.Davidson
Updated /02.07.03/ a few wrong addresses
Updated /23.07.03/ AG of: P. Depailler Thank you very much to my friend Ivan!
29.07.1973 was killed Roger Williamson in Zandvoort GP Holland
Celeb auction: On October 27th, we are holding an auction of Celebrity signed items at Lacy Scott and Knight auctioneers in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk to raise vital funds for the Hospice. We need to raise over L3,500 each day to support the needs of our patients and their families.
Bids can be taken by post or email, or of course people are most welcome to attend the Auction, which has over 130 varied lots.
( For more information please see , selecting 'celeb auction')
Updated /03.09.03/ bio about David Purley, many thanks to Matthew Lawrenson
Many thank to my first sponsor

New AGs /11.09.03/: F. Alonso, and C. da Matta

New book /only in Slovak and Czech langauge//13.11.03/: Nová kniha od autora Romana Klemma - Osobnosti a udalosti - Historie Formule 1. Jedna z casti knihy je venovana Rogerovi Williamsonovi. Tento rok bolo 30 rokov od jeho smrti.
Viac o knihe.

Many thanks to my sponsor

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